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March 7, 2018 12:00 AM

TQFR Surveys for WI 2017-18

The TQFR teaching quality feedback survey for this term is now available online. Caltech is committed to excellence in teaching and education. We value your feedback. Students, please take a few minutes now to fill in your TQFR questionnaires on access.caltech.  You will have until midnight of Sunday, April 8 to submit your surveys.

We are offering 7 (seven) $20 Amazon gift certificates as prizes for all students. Survey deadlines are as follows:
Before Monday, March 12 (three prizes)
Before Monday, March 19 (two prizes)
Before Monday, March 26 (two prizes)

You must complete all of your surveys to win. Submit your surveys by the end of next week in order to be eligible for all three drawings! Winners will be notified by email.

TQFR surveys are being conducted online for undergraduate and graduate lecture, lab, and seminar courses in all options. Research, thesis, tutorial, and study abroad courses are not included in this survey, nor are courses with less than three students included. When the scores for this term are posted, we will send out an email to the community along with the link. If you have suggestions or comments about the system, please send email to: