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Transfer Credit for Continuing Undergraduates in 2020-21

While the majority of Caltech offerings are online, undergraduate students may prefer to take in-person classes at another institution. We have temporarily streamlined the transfer processes to assist students. Any new and incoming undergraduate students who have deferred to 2021-22 may not take courses at another institution. The below process is for continuing undergraduates only.

Check the College or University's Requirements

  • If domestic, the other college or university must be accredited
  • If international, email the Caltech Registrar who will review the institution
  • Students must take the courses for college credit (or equivalent, if international)
  • The institution must be able to provide a final transcript once the courses are completed
  • If not in English, this will need to be translated

Courses Must Be Pre-Approved to Ensure Transfer but Will Be Considered on an On-Going Basis

  • What Caltech requirements do you hope to fulfill? Courses approved for transfer may fulfill different requirements, and each has a different approving agent. Along with the below documents, send the Registrar a list of your desired courses and what requirements you wish to fulfil via this form. The Registrar will seek the appropriate approval on your behalf.
  • Students should upload course descriptions and syllabi to the Caltech Registrar; If international, please email the Caltech Registrar to discuss options for translation
    • If not in English, these will need to be translated

Request to Take a Leave from Caltech for the Term

  • If intending to take a term of courses at another institution, students should request to take a leave from Caltech by filling out this form.

Petitioning to Waive the Four-Year Residential Experience Requirement

  • For students approved to take in-person classes during this arrangement, we encourage you to petition to waive four year residence requirement for the terms you attend the other institution. You may petition by this request form.

Other Tips and Information

  • Obtaining syllabi may take some time. Begin this process early and upload or send the Registrar the syllabi as you receive them.
  • Let us know when the courses begin meeting. Approval of transfer credit for specific requirements may take some time. Depending on the requirement requested, the Registrar may need to reach out to the Option Representative, Executive Officer, or Curriculum Committee. We will do our best to let you know if the course is approved before it begins.
  • The above exceptions are only for students taking in-person classes at another institution. Courses taken online at another institution may be reviewed for pre-approval, but they will not receive an automatic waiver to the four-year residency experience. Although, they may petition. Continuing academically eligible students who intend to take online courses are expected to take them at Caltech.

Questions about the above process can be sent to